The Rise of Peter Max's "Commercial Era"

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Just a few days ago we received two large original prints packaged in the original box with the stamps and tags left on the box from 1968. Many of his artworks sold to galleries and customers were only of a price tag of $1 wholesale and $2 retail! 50+ years later it ends up in the hands of a local art gallery in Florida. 

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It all began in a small Manhattan Studio known as "The Daly & Max Studio" with Peter Max's friend Tom Daly. In this studio was the start of Peter Max's 'commercial era'. Max was also accompanied by friend and mentor Don Rubbo. Together they worked on books and advertising for which they received industry recognition. 

The trio became well-known in advertising using the studio as their flagship, and by 1968, his day glow split fountain technique lithographs/ posters, sold in the millions. He guest starred on the Ed Sullivan show, and was on the cover of life magazine in 1969. His artistic period in the 1960s was fittingly dubbed the "Cosmic 60s." The great colorist used bright, happy colors to depict the universe, returning to galaxies as motifs to signify his affinity for Eastern mysticism and his conviction that each person possesses the entirety of the cosmos—a tribute to the decade's spirit.

By the 1990s Peter Max had commissioned artwork for the U.S Government of postage stamps commemorating Expo' 74, Various U.S presidents, official artist for the 1994 World Cup, The Grammys, The Super bowl. He even painted well know singer Taylor Swift as a gift for her Grammy winning album "Fearless" and "Speak Now". He worked on artwork advocating his human rights, "Be In" Central Park peace rally. He was chosen to paint the hull art of the New York themed ship Norwegian Breakaway by Norwegian Cruise Line.

We have many Peter Max Memorabilia from the 60s-2000s. Many of which are on newspaper and poster print paper. Carry on his legacy by owning a piece of history and showcasing his colorful artworks around your home/office.


Peter Max in his Studio 

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