Peter Max Memorabilia: Peter Max Poster ( Hand Signed by Peter Max )

Condition: New
Type: Print
Artist: Peter Max
Subject: Collection
Production Technique: Offset lithograph
Theme: Contemporary
Original/Licensed Reprint: Limited Edition Print
Style: Pop Art
Year of Production: 1990
Features: Framed, Signed
Size: Medium (up to 36in.)
Region of Origin: USA
Item Height: 17.5 in
Item Length: 1 in
Item Width: 11.5 in
Material: Offset lithograph
Culture:  NA
Time Period Produced: 1990-1999
Original/Licensed Reproduction: Original
Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
Date of Creation: Unknown
Framed Dimensions: 17.5 x 11.5 in
Color: Multi-Color
Print Surface: Paper
Printing Technique: Poster
Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work
Medium: Signed Peter Max Exhibition Posters
Year: Unknown
Originality: Limited Edition Print